1.0    PREAMBLE 

Mulungushi University has limited accommodation available to students whose capacity is less than the number of students being admitted and admission of students to programmes of study is not tied to provision of accommodation.  The student accommodation policy is aimed at operating a fair room allocation system to all students.  The policy does not discriminate on ground of gender, religion, ethnicity and differently abled.

 The University offers self catering hostels reserved for senior students.  These students include fourth years and if accommodation is still available, third years may also be considered. Non self catering hostels are available for the other students.  Currently the University offers double occupancy rooms which are habitable and affordable.  Postgraduate students will be offered single occupancy, however double occupancy will be available for those who need it.   Within the Halls of Residence Dean of Students Office and MUSU provides entertainment.

2.0           ELIGIBILITY

All students admitted are eligible to University accommodation in the following order of priority: 

2.1   Differently abled

The University recognizes that students who are differently abled cannot effectively carry out the University studies unless they are provided with University accommodation.  Priority for University accommodation will therefore be given to such students.  This category of students will be accommodated on the ground floor in case of storey hostels.

2.2   Foreign Students

Those classified as foreign students by the University will be offered University accommodation for the duration of the course provided that they remain fully registered as University students. 

2.3    New and Returning Students

  • Admission to Halls of Residence for new students shall be by online application upon receipt of an admission letter. The University has limited accommodation so booking for accommodation online is based on first come first served basis. 
  • For returning students, room application is done before the end of the second semester and only those who wish to change rooms need to apply. The application is done by filling forms obtained from Hall Attendants Offices and the completed forms are submitted to the Office of the Dean of Students.

2.4       Distance Education Students

The University will endeavor to provide accommodation to Distance Education students during the residential school.  The university has limited accommodation so booking for accommodation online is based on first come first served basis.

2.5       Postgraduate Students

Identified hostel(s) will be reserved for postgraduate students.  The students will be expected to apply for such accommodation and will be offered on first come first served basis.  In the event that such students go on research programmes outside the University, the rooms may be reserved for them if they are paid for by such students in full.  However, the University reserves the right to offer such rooms on temporal basis to other users.

2.6      Expectant Mothers

Students who may come in or attain expectant status while on campus will be expected to take leave at the time of delivery.  The University will retain the bed space for a maximum period of three (3) months.  However, the bed space may be temporarily offered to other students in need of accommodation during the three (3) months period.


2.7       Forfeiture of Accommodation

Any student who does not take up offered accommodation within 2 weeks from the opening date will forfeit it.

2.8      Room allocation will be at the discretion of the Dean of Students

2.9      The University will provide information on available alternative accommodation.  However,  it will be the responsibility of students to enter into agreement with landlords.


3.0        Boarding and Lodging

  • Students who make reservations for rooms should be charged the full rate for boarding and lodging irrespective of the time they report into School;
  • Registered non-residential students who may decide to be residential after close of late registration, should be charged on pro rata basis.



            The University will not provide:

4.1       Hostel facilities for couples and families, until such facilities are available. 

4.2       Crèche facilities:  Students wishing to come with their babies are advised to make their own arrangements off campus.   

4.3       Accommodation to part time students will only be considered  after full time students have been provided for.




           Room inventory is as follows:

5.1     Self catering hostels:  two plate cooker, bed and mattress, 1     

study chair and table for each occupant.

5.2     Non self catering hostel: bed and mattress, 1 study chair and table, for each occupant.

5.3     The Halls of Residence have Hall Attendants.  The Hall Attendants are an important part of Mulungushi University administration and provide hospitality services.  They are available for service from 08.00 – 17.00 hours Monday to Friday.

 Note:   This policy should be read together with the Student Rules and Regulations of the University.

Further information can be obtained from the Dean of Students on 05-228009

Approved on 6th October 2014